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Welcome to the
Words of Engagement (WE) Intergroup Dialogue Program
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Spring 2017 Dialogue Schedule

Things to Know Before You Register
WE Dialogues are scheduled for the first and second 7 weeks of the semester. Pay close attention to the start date of your dialogue selection. (Before selecting a dialogue, make sure you know whether the dialogue you want is scheduled for the first 7 weeks or the second 7 weeks.)

It is very important that you NOT select a dialogue for which you have already received a grade. Our system will not detect this issue, and taking the same dialogue twice could create a problem for you upon graduation.

Selecting a dialogue in our system does not mean that you are automatically enrolled in a course. Depending on interest, you could be placed on a waitlist. Only those who get enrolled in our system will receive permission to register for a course. Please make sure to log back into the system to see if you are on a waitlist or enrolled in the course(s) you have selected. 

If you do get enrolled in a course, you will receive departmental permission, depending on the time of the semester, you will have 5-6 days before the permission expires. If you fail to register in the time frame explained in the permission email you will receive, the system will bump you out. You will then have to re-register on this site.

Seats are not guaranteed until you register on Testudo. Testudo is not an accurate account of how many seats are available. Please register on Testudo after we have granted you departmental permission as quickly as possible. Thanks!


How to Register

Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Complete the Words of Engagement Course Reservation Survey. This form will allow you to identify the SPECIFIC dialogue(s) you want to take for Spring 2017.
Step 2: Upon completing the previous step, the website will notify us if you have been able to enroll in a course or not. If you get enrolled, we will then send you your departmental permission within 7-10 business days (depending on the time of the semester it may be sooner; permissions are generally granted on Mondays) so you can register on Testudo. If you are placed on a waitlist, you will not receive an email from our office. Please make sure to check the registration site to see your status. If you are enrolled in a course and you do not hear from us within the 7-10 business days regarding your departmental permission, please send an e-mail to odec-idp@umd.edu with your UID.
Step 3: If you are granted a departmental permission, log on to www.testudo.umd.edu and register for EDHI338 (with the appropriate letter suffix) .

If you have any general questions about the WE dialogue program, please email us at odec-idp@umd.edu or call 301.405.2843.