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How Do I Get Credit for Participation in the Intergroup Dialogue Program?

You can register for up to three dialogue credits in a single semester, and six dialogues credits total as a part of your undergraduate degree program. You can register for more than six dialogue credits, but only six will count toward your degree.

To register for dialogue credit, complete the Words of Engagement Course Reservation Survey.”

After you have completed the on-line form, the website will notify us that you have registered. We will then email you a departmental permission to register on Testudo. If you do not hear from us within 7 business days, email the ODI office (odec-idp@umd.edu) with your name and UID. Once you get permission to enroll in a dialogue go to Testudo and register for EDHI 338 (with the appropriate suffix) dialogue courses within 1 business day.


For more information on receiving academic credit for participating in an IDP, email odec-idp@umd.edu.