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    The Office of Diversity Education and Compliance (ODEC) offers a Facilitator Training for new facilitators both in Fall and Spring. Facilitators are critical and integral to the Words of Engagement program, and we encourage you to contact us if you would be interested in becoming a facilitator. Read more below to get a sense of what your role might be, and to evaluate if this would be something you are interested in doing.

    In carrying out their role, facilitators follow several principal guidelines:

    • Facilitators support the participants' development throughout their group experience. In supporting the group, the facilitator must work to suspend or hold in abeyance his/her needs, while addressing the needs of the group members. Although it is expected that facilitators will experience personal growth and change from the group experience, it is important that they not use the group as a vehicle for working on their own issues.
    • Facilitators minimize expressing their own point of view and, instead, encourage divergent points of view from other group members. The purpose of the facilitation is to create a transformative, holding space that draws upon the experiences and voices of the group members.
    • Facilitators accept people where they are in their own development, validate the experience of every member, and offer themselves as individuals who will be there to listen if participants are feeling confused, angry, or distressed.
    • A Facilitator does not teach but rather draws a learning circle.

    Our intensive training offers you an overview of the philosophical, intellectual, sociohistorical, and emotional roots of Intergroup Dialogues. We offer small group exercises in facilitation skills, work through different kinds of activities, and offer opportunities for role modelling.

    If you are interested in participating in the training, and/or would like more information about how to become a facilitator, please download the FACILITATOR QUESTIONNAIRE, and send it via email to Beth Douthirt-Cohen, Ph.D. at bdc1@umd.edu.This information will help us better match you with dialogues.

    If you have other questions about the program in general, please email odec-idp@umd.edu.